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Owners of RAINbou.
Tristan Rainbolt- Owner of RAINbou.

WELCOME to RAINbou. Get to know the owner..

Hey Ya'll! Tristan Rainbolt here, so happy you found RAINbou. and I hope you find something you can't live without!! For those that don't know me, my forever dream has been to have a boutique and be a stylist. So here we are, just a small town Texas girl living out my dream. I'm so thankful for every single order that is placed, your support truly means the world to me & my husband. <3


I've been asked several times "where did RAINbou name come from?" Well, my last name of course, but that's not all. If you know me personally you know the fertility struggles me and my husband have been through. After four early miscarriages, one ectopic pregnancy, & one 12 week pregnancy loss, we're still waiting on our "rainbow baby", the rainbow has become a meaningful symbol to me. So how is our name pronounced? Well, either RAINboutique or RAINbou(RAINbow).


Either way, we're happy to have you here & hope you enjoy shopping with us!  

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